AN EIGEN-APPROACH FOR JOINT ESTIMATION OF DIRECTION-OF-ARRIVAL AND FREQUENCY OF AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF SIGNALS 10.5455/jjcit.71-1573489319 Thabet Mismar Direction-of-arrival (DOA),Antenna arrays,Eigenvalues,Eigenvectors,Frequency estimation. 1834 467 11-Nov.-2019 31-Dec.-2019 and 8-Jan.-2020 3-Feb.-2020 An accurate method for estimating the direction-of-arrival (DOA) jointly with the frequencies of an unknown number of source signals is proposed using the Eigen-approach. Using the minimum eigenvalues of the autocorrelation matrices produces both the DOA and the corresponding frequencies. By moving the roots produced from the eigenvector one-by-one, the angular location is first found. The frequency is then estimated using the same procedure. Finally, the frequency is used with the angular location to estimate the DOA angle. The results show an accurate estimation of source signals’ DOA and frequency in the presence of different levels of noise.