3-D POLARIZED CHANNEL MODELING FOR MULTIPOLARIZED UCA-MASSIVE MIMO SYSTEMS IN UPLINK TRANSMISSION 10.5455/jjcit.71-1563643647 Abdelhamid Riadi,Mohamed Boulouird,Moha M’Rabet Hassani Massive MIMO system,Channel orthogonality,Channel estimation,Multipolarized,Unipolarized,OSIC detector. 3 691 292 2019-07-20 2019-09-23 2019-10-08 In this paper, a novel design of a Uniform Circular Array Massive-Multiple Input Multiple Output (UCA- mMIMO) system based on Spherical Wave (SW) is proposed in Uplink (UL) transmission. A three-dimensional (3-D) channel pattern is established and estimated, where channel orthogonality of multipolarized/unipolarized UCA-mMIMO systems is analyzed. Multipolarized and unipolarized systems are evaluated to decrease channel orthogonality. The Azimuth Angle of Arrival (AAoA) and Elevation Angle of Arrival (EAoA), as well as antenna spacing and cross-polarization discrimination, are taken into consideration. Using Monte Carlo simulation method, the results show that the multipolarized UCA-mMIMO system provides a better performance compared to the unipolarized UCA-mMIMO system in different situations. The proposed design is homely to be realized in real environment in conformance to the parameters analyzed; in order to confirm that it will be a very good choice.