SEMI-QUANTITATIVE SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENT OF ROBOTIC SYSTEMS 10.5455/jjcit.71-1535447790 Anas AlMajali,Khalil M. Ahmad Yousef,Bassam J. Mohd1,Waleed Dweik,Salah Abu Ghalyon,Roa’a Hasan Cyber-physical security,Robot,Availability,Threats,Attacks,Vulnerability,Risk,Risk assessment,Mitigation,PeopleBot. 7 1797 574 2018-08-28 2018-11-05 2018-11-15 Robots are becoming increasingly integrated in our daily lives, providing services in civilian, industrial and military applications. Many of those applications require robots to be remotely operated and controlled through communication channels. This makes the robotic system susceptible to a class of attacks targeting the connection between the controlling client and the robot, which can render the robot unavailable. The objective of our research is to identify, estimate and prioritize the risks associated with attacks targeting the availability of the robotic system. To achieve our objective, we perform an impact oriented semi-quantitative risk assessment of the loss of availability on the well-known PeopleBot™ mobile robot platform. We experimented with several well-known attacks that can target and affect the availability of the robot. To examine the cyber-physical impacts of the attacks on the robotic system, we setup a ten-goal test area and constructed a 2D map. The robot was programmed to tour the test area while being targeted by cyber-attacks. The physical impacts of the attacks are demonstrated in this paper. The results indicate that attacks can potentially lead to loss of availability which may result in serious cyber-physical consequences.