(Received: 2019-02-16, Revised: 30-Mar.-2019 and 7-May-2019 , Accepted: 2019-05-10)
The rapid advancements in wireless sensor network (WSN) technology gave impetus for large-scale deployment of Internet-of-things (IoT) services and applications. One of the envisioned IoT applications is the use of wireless sensor nodes in gas-leakage monitoring and detection applications. Such IoT applications can provide better protection to fire fighters and provide safety and early-warning gas detection alarms within a timely manner for individuals, factories and institutions. In this article, we highlight the unique characteristics of WSNs, discuss the main WSN design requirements associated with gas leakage and monitoring applications, discuss main differences between data collection- and event detection-based WSN solutions and present a detailed overview of the works that have been accomplished on providing WSN solutions for gas leakage detection and monitoring.
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