(Received: 2018-08-14, Revised: 2018-09-17 , Accepted: 2018-09-24)
An enhanced hexagonal shaped planar antenna is presented for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications. In this paper, a hexagonal patch with six circular cuts at its vertices is designed on FR4-substrate with 50 Ω microstrip triangular tapered feed line and a bevelled partial ground plane with five half circular sleeves. The design is investigated using the high-frequency structure simulator (HFSS). The simulated and measured scattering parameter S11 (Reflection Coefficient) results show good impedance matching in the frequency range (3- 27.57 GHz) satisfying return loss (RL = |S11|) ≥ 10 dB with a percentage bandwidth (PBW) of 160.75%. High gain and efficiency, radiation pattern similar to the electric dipole in E-plane and good omnidirectionality in the H-plane are achieved.
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