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Call for Papers


ISSN 2415-1076 (Online) 

ISSN 2413-9351 (Print)



The Jordanian Journal of Computer and Information Technology (JJCIT) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of computing sciences and technologies.


The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal will be glad to receive original papers, which are not considered for publication elsewhere, on subjects covered by the Journal. All papers are subject to a rigorous peer review process so as to keep pace with new advances in computer research and development, disseminate knowledge, promote a thorough understanding of the Journal’s topics, and highlight ideas of potential industrial interest.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics that fall within the scope of the JJCIT. Other non-listed topics that fall within the general ICT umbrella are also of interest to the Journal


1. Computer Science and Engineering

  • Computer architecture

  • Concurrent, distributed and parallel processing

  • Operating systems

  • Robotics and human computer interaction

  • Security and privacy

  • Computer networking

  • Wireless networking and computing

  • Sensors and ad-hoc networks

  • Graph theory

  • Pattern/image recognition

  • Neural networks

  • Biomedical simulations

  • Virtual vision and virtual simulations

  • Data mining, web image mining and applications

  • Data base management and information retrieval systems

  • Bifurcation, bio-cybernetics and bio-informatics

  • Cryptosystems and data compression

  • Evolutional computation and fuzzy systems

  • Speech processing, speech synthesis and speech recognition

  • Video signal processing and security

  • Any topic related to computer science and engineering

2. Communication Engineering and Systems

  • Communication protocols

  • Quality of service

  • Quantum computing and coding

  • Error controls agent computing and multi-agents systems

  • Defining spectrum rights and open spectrum solutions

  • Satellite and optical communication systems

  • 3G/4G network evolutions and CDMA/GSM communication protocols

  • Mobile computing and mobile protocols

  • Communication theory and signal processing for communication

  • Wireless and mobile networking

  • Optical networks and systems & next-generation networking and Internet

  • Multimedia services, communication Software & services

  • Communication and information system security

  • System control and network/service management

  • Wireless and mobile communications

  • Digital signal processing

  • Microelectronics modeling and fabrication

  • VLSI

  • Cooperative communications

  • Coding theory and practice

  • Client-server, distributed and web-based communication systems

  • Trials of advanced systems and services

  • Any topic related to communications engineering

3. Information and Systems

  • Algorithms

  • IT services, internet, and web applications

  • Arabic language processing

  • E-government/ e-governance applications

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Smart grid and smart cities

  • Cloud computing and applications

  • Big data and social networks

  • E-business and e-commerce (e-Applications(

  • Cryptography and foundation of computer security

  • IT in health, environment and agriculture

  • Authentication/authorization issues

  • IDS/firewall, anti-Spam mail and anti-virus issues

  • Biometric authentication and algorithms

  • IC-card security, OTP and key management issues

  • Ubiquitous and RFID applications

  • Metadata, meta modeling, XML and data management

  • Knowledge management, web security and privacy

  • Cyber threats, web services and web engineering

  • Web intelligence, protocols and standards

  • Proxies and servers

  • Multimedia applications

  • Ontology and the semantic web

  • B2B, B2C and C2C services

  • Social and legal issues and digital ecology

  • Any topic related to information systems