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Year 2016: Volume 02, Number 01

April 2016


ISSN 2415-1076 (Online) 

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Article Title



Ahmad Hiasat (EIC)


a compact printed uwb pacman-shaped mimo antenna with two frequency rejection bands

Shaimaa Naser and Nihad Dib

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan

Abstract & References     PDF Fulltext     doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1448094779    


highly efficient image steganography using haar dwt for hiding miscellaneous data

Hamad A. Al-Korbi, Ali Al-Ataby, Majid A. Al-Taee and Waleed Al-Nuaimy 

University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Abstract & References     PDF Fulltext     doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1450117397    


characterization of shared-memory multi-core applications

Mohammed Sultan Mohammed and Gheith A. Abandah

University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

Abstract & References     PDF Fulltext     doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1448574289     


a low complexity direction finding system based on a six-port integrated mimo antenna system

Rifaqat Hussain, Ali H. Muqaibel, Wajih Abu-Al-Saud and Mohammad S.Sharawi 

King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Abstract & References     PDF Fulltext     doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1450162922         


performance evaluation of meta-heursitcs in energy aware real-time scheduling problems

Ashraf Suyyagh, Jason G. Tong and Zeljko Zilic

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Abstract & References     PDF Fulltext     doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1450000176                                  


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